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-Like our Facebook page, the numbers will show State Parks that we climbers are significant in number
-Look out for fundraiser events and volunteer events. These events will be posted on FB or here on this page.

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Contacting Us:

If you don't use Facebook you can join our email mailing list, just contact Mike: mw3333 [at]yahoo dot com

The available time of our volunteer board is limited, and needs to be focused on policy making at this time, so it may take a while for a response by email if you have questions. We recommend you see our Frequently Asked Questions section first.

TCC is a division of UNYCAC (Upstate New York Climbing Access Coalition) and a registered affiliate of the Access Fund.

Access Fund Action Alerts:

Click here to learn more about joining the Access Fund Action Alert system which will keep you informed about climbing issues in the Northeast.


THANKS everyone for your support so far! We've succeeded in making climbing part of the new master plan. From this point the TCC board will be working hard to take care of administrative details this winter. We'd hope for climbing to be opened up next summer, but a lot depends on planning processes and state requirements.

Climbing is still ILLEGAL in the park until we announce an opening day next year. If you want climbing to happen here than respect the rules. We look forward to restoring climbing access for us and generations to come.


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