Since the 1970s New York State Parks have been closed to rock and ice climbing by default as a result of state-wide legal conditions and lack of vertical rescue infrastructure at the time. The exception to this rule has been Minnewaska State Park. The TCC seeks managed climbing access to John Boyd Thacher State Park. This park serves the Hudson-Mohawk Valleys in an area where current climbing access is distant. About >

How you can show support:
-Like our Facebook page, the numbers will show State Parks that we climbers are significant in number
-Respect the current rules. The state park looks wild and open like the Catskills however this area is under strict access control and is surrounded by private lands. Most people don't know that there is a clear difference between the DEC and NY State Parks management.

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TCC is a division of UNYCAC (Upstate New York Climbing Access Coalition) and a registered affiliate of the Access Fund.

Climbing is still ILLEGAL in Thacher Park until we announce an opening day late next year.

:: News and Events ::

October 2015 - There are no public TCC events scheduled yet, be prepared for public volunteer days next year.

THANKS everyone for your support so far! We've succeeded in making climbing part of the new master plan. From this point the TCC board will be working hard to take care of administrative details this winter. We'd hope for climbing to be opened up next summer, but a lot depends on planning processes and state requirements.

The New York/North Jersey Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club is offering a training class in the spring. This annual training program is for novice or beginner rock climbers or climbers who do not lead climb and is given over two weekends in late April or early May. Registration is open, learn more >

:: Current Regulations ::

All access is restricted in cliff areas:
Feel free to use the park for hiking, snowshoeing, xc skiing within the legal public areas. Rappelling and climbing are prohibited everywhere. There will be park personnel conducting tests in the climbing area at times however this does not mean there is public access. Respect the rules and don't ruin it for everyone. No rock or ice climbing is allowed, even hiking in beyond the fence above or below the cliff will result in arrest and fines. The Indian Ladder Trail is the only legal access to the cliff base and that is closed in the winter.

:: Sponsors ::

We'd like to thank our sponsors and those who have donated their expertise and organization resources:

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